Trees provide farmers with a range of goods and services, from fruit to livestock fodder, fuelwood to green fertilizers. But how much land is devoted to agroforestry? Until recently, we could only guess. However, a new study provides some solid figures – and a clear message about the importance of agroforestry.

Source: World Agroforestry Centre
Release Date: 2009
Download Original: Agroforestry – A Global Land Use

Tackling Climate Change Through Agroforestry

During the year leading up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, in December 2009, research by the World Agroforestry Centre highlighted the role trees on farms could – and should – play in the battle against global warming. Our scientists also provided support for climate-change policy makers, especially in Africa and Indonesia, and are helping to develop new techniques to measure the quantities of carbon stored in agricultural landscapes.

Replacement of the Kyoto Protocol

At the 2007 Climate Change Conference, held in Bali, negotiators agreed that REDD – reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation – should be a key component of the agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol in 2012. Deforestation accounts for approximately 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the rate at which forests are cleared will cut emissions.

While fully supporting REDD, the Centre believes it needs to go further to consider agricultural landscapes beyond the forest boundaries. “During the past year, we have tried to move the agenda beyond REDD,” explains Frank Place, Head of the World Agroforestry Centre’s Impact Office. “The key focus of REDD is tackling emissions by planting or protecting forests, but it fails to recognize the role farmers can play in sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

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