Bamboo is known to be a versatile natural resource with significant potential for further market
growth. Most bamboo harvested for commercial use is grown naturally in the wild. However with increased demand for bamboo applications, plantation owners have started to view bamboo as a species with high economic potential.

Source: Sustainable Asset Management
Release Date: 01/07/2015
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Trees and plants have been an essential part of human survival for as long as we can recall. Today, what grows on our planet is used for food, construction, manufacturing, fuel and medical research amongst a host of other uses. Natural resources of all kinds continue to be critical to our everyday lives and as part of solution based initiatives, are now the focus for both preservation and concomitantly – investment opportunities.

The key drivers for both the current and future demand for natural resources are population growth and the redistribution of wealth. The world’s population continues to grow at an accelerated pace alongside incomes. The more populace and growing economies continue to drive global consumer demand, as Earth’s population is forecast to be close to 10 billion by 2050.

Today, opportunities exist that not only help in the preservation of natural resources, but also combine profit making potential with the opportunity for doing good – clearly a new business imperative. The outlook for this asset class is well-understood – burgeoning demand for food, fibre and fuel have accelerated the pace at which demand will continue to outstrip supply. As an investor, identifying markets where demand is greater than supply, suggests a logical argument for investment into that supply chain. Put simply, if the demand for natural resources continues to rise exponentially and the amount available is finite and/or depleting, logically, prices will continue to rise.

Versatile Bamboo

One such opportunity for investors to consider is Bamboo. Bamboo is a versatile plant that has many uses. These range from its use in construction to its use in the manufacturing of fabrics amongst many others. Such a species of plant can present a host of commercial opportunities not just for growing but also for manufacturing and production.

This report was commissioned by Asia Plantation Capital to develop a detailed understanding of the global market for Bamboo and its multiple commercial applications. It will spotlight the bamboo industry from planting through to final production of commercial applications. It will map the value chain, key participants and locate where the major stores of value within the industry.

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